GE Locomotives in Asia & Middle East


ch-0022.jpg (88191 bytes) ND5-0022 is one of the first batch of C36-7's (with standard cab windows), although classified at C36-7 the order for China was rated at 4000hp. Photo supplied by GE.
ch-0305.jpg (96552 bytes)

ND5-0305 is one of the second batch of C36-7's (with the much larger cab windows), although classified at C36-7 the order for China was rated at 4000hp. Photo supplied by GE.

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One of the second batch of C36-7's (with large cab windows) Uprated to 4000hp, used mainly of freight duties. Their main stamping grounds are Jinan to Nanjing and Sujiatun (Shenyang) to Dalian with some workings on lines leading off these. Some also work north all the way through to Tianjin from Jinan. Two years ago ND5s hauled a few passenger trains south of Jinan on the line to Yanzhou and Xuzhou and there was one regular passenger working on the Dalian line. Ralph Weibel
Update: March 2000, a visit to Shenyang and Anshan and found numerous ND5 in use entirely on freight trains - but at times an ND5 passes through Anshan every five minutes or so. Paul Collin

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enr-2305.jpg (44671 bytes) 2305, one of thirty C18-7i Locos, used on passenger trains. The class work on El Qahira (Cairo) to El Wasta stoppers south along the main line towards Luxor; El Qahira to Bur Sa'id expresses, El Qahira to Alexandria and through to Mersa Matruh, usually expresses only.
enr-2319.jpg (31884 bytes) 2319 is seen at Alexandria on 25/1/00 with the 0700 from Mersa Matruh, photo taken by Neil Robinson
enr-2303.jpg (145454 bytes) 2303 waits in middle track at Cairo Ramses station in November 2003 with carriages for a train to Itay El Beroud. Fitted with 8 cylinder FDL engine of 1800 hp.

Indonesia (Java)

cc20015.jpg (41691 bytes) The CC200's are the first diesel locomotives in Indonesia, built by GE in 1953/4, fitted with ALCO 244 engine. The CC20015 was pictured after more than 40 years, in Cirebon depot, until recently still in use for local mixed trains to Cikampek. More info Photo by M Krishnamurti
cc20026b.jpg (36073 bytes) CC200.26 in an old livery. Loco was 1800hp gross power, weight in working order 96 tons (Co)'(2)'(Co)' axle arrangements to keep the axle loading within the maximum axle loading limits imposed then (12 tons). Bambang Tjondrodiputro collection. All have been retired, but three can be found in Cirebon.
cc20137.jpg (33422 bytes) CC20137, from the first batch of thirty eight CC201's, built in 1977, seen on a freight train in Solo Balapan freight yard. These early CC201's have larger radiator air intakes than the later ones, and they have no multiple working capability. M Krishnamurti
cc20150.jpg (37564 bytes) CC20150 is from the second batch on U18C's built in 1983. Seen in Solo Balapan station with a quartz train. Picture by M Krishnamurti
ktp20158.jpg (48968 bytes)
CC20158 seen on a passenger train. Photos by B. Immanuel Yahya.
parahyangan.jpg (44370 bytes) The Parahyangan express, the descendant of the Vlugge Vier, over a steel trestle in the Priangan mountains, near Sasaksaat. M Krishnamurti
cc20304.jpg (40780 bytes) CC20304 with the Senja Utama Solo speeding near Prambanan, 25 miles (40 km) west of Solo. CC203's work all Argo trains (Argo Bromo, Lawu, Dwipangga, Wilis, Gede, Muria). All first-class only passenger trains: Bima, Sembrani, Turangga, Taksaka, Kamandanu, Jatayu. Parahyangan (sometimes CC201s are used from the 1991 batch) and Gajayana. The class are very rarely used on freight trains. M Krishnamurti
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A total of 62 Locos were supplied in two batches. 33 U30C's were built 1992-3, a follow up order was completed the next year, being for 29 model C30-7i's. The Locos were later modified with larger radiators, therefore gaining the "winged" radiator appearance. Photo by GE.

iran-u30b.jpg (73629 bytes) An unidentified U30C is seen in the works at Tehran on 3/10/2000. The Loco is seen with the modified larger radiators, therefore gaining the "winged" radiator appearance. Tomas Meyer-Eppler
rai-2068.jpg (185163 bytes) Freshly overhauled C30-7i no. 2068, as above the Loco is seen with the modified larger radiators, therefore gaining the "winged" radiator appearance.


u20c_aqaba.jpg (49501 bytes)

A Brazilian-built U20C supplied to Aqaba Railway Corporation, Jordan. Phosphate trains run over the 283 km line from El-Abiad to Aqaba. Eighteen metre gauge locos were delivered in 1980. The copy of this photo, originally published in a G.E. catalog, is courtesy of Hermes Yoiti Hinuy, from São Paulo SP.


kr2te10.jpg (14718 bytes) During 1995 GE undertook rebuilding of Kazakhstan TE10M-0736 twin unit Loco. Further rebuilds were carried out locally, twenty units were planned for Kazakhstan and twelve for the Almaty Railway. The ten cylinder Kharkov opposed piston engine being replaced by a V12-7FDL engine. However not all were completed due to financial difficulties.


ktm-26102.jpg (72292 bytes) Brand new DE33AC "Blue Tiger" 26102 is seen at the Bombardier works in Kassel (Germany) in August 2003 undergoing final testing before being moved by road to Hamburg for shipment to Malaysia. Fitted with 12 cylinder FDL engine of 3200 hp.


mtz001.jpg (53822 bytes) Two C30-7i's were supplied in 1996. They are employed in hauling coal trains from Ulan Bator. When purchased it was not intended that they would be used for this service.


pr-4522.jpg (44105 bytes) 4522, one of 42 U20C's built for Pakistan by GE (Eire) from 9/70-3/71. Builders numbers 37324-37365, rated at 2150hp, fitted with the 7FDL V12 engine. 1.676m gauge Co-Co's. Seen at Multan Cant on 1 January 1981 photo by Ray Graf.
pr6004.jpg (75554 bytes)

Pakistan 6004 seen at the ADtranz factory in Germany, prior to shipment. First 10 Locos being built and shipped. Remainder were either assembled or built in Pakistan. Fitted with FDL-16 engine, of 3300hp. Unlike "Blue Tiger" prototype that was FDL-12 engine.


pnr-919.jpg (76496 bytes)

U15C 919 seen on a passenger train, built at the GE plant in Montreal in 1991, under order number 4753. The first Loco of this order (917) was the first new GE Loco built at the ex MLW plant at Montreal. Photo taken on 15 January 1999 by Brad Peadon

pnr-5005.jpg (90507 bytes) 5005, one of 10 U6B's by GE in Montreal in 1992. They often haul local trains from Manila Tayuman to Alabang, and are mostly formed of ex DMU carriages with the false pitched roofs in a blue and white livery. Photo taken on 22 January 1999 by Brad Peadon
pr-2000.jpg (80862 bytes) A 2000 class at Angeles, Pamanga. As of January 1999, it appears all of the GE built, U12C, 1900hp, 2000 class have been withdrawn from service. A visit to both Tayuman and Caloocan workshops has shown no sign of their existence. Photo: Speeder2 (Yahoo Club)
ictsi-1.jpg (12655 bytes) GE Lokindo (Indonesian built) U20C, built for International Container Terminal in the Philippines. The Loco was delivered in March 1997. Used on freight traffic to its inland container terminal.


rzd-2te10-ge.jpg (43654 bytes) A half section of a 2TE10M loco is seen at GE factory in Erie, USA after full rebuild and upgrade program. Now fitted with 12 cylinder FDL engine in 3200 hp. Loco has since returned to Russia. GE photo.


cfs-305.jpg (56854 bytes) 305, one of the 15 of the first batch of U17C's, works numbers 40664-40678. Fitted with the eight cylinder engine of 1850hp. Standard gauge, 1.435m, C-C built 1-4/76. Picture taken on an industrial branch line in southern Damascus on 2nd November 1999 by Tomas Meyer-Eppler
cfs-308.jpg (35838 bytes) Thirty U17C's work on CFS but numbered in two batches (301 and 351 classes). 309 is seen at Homs on a passenger train to Tartus, October 1983. Locos built in 1974. Photo in Fern Express magazine issue 1/89.
cfs-352.jpg (32825 bytes)

Thirty U17C's work on CFS but numbered in two batches (301 and 351 classes, one batch intended for freight, another for passenger). 352 is seen at Damascus on a passenger train. Built in 1974.

cfs-te114-ge.jpg (100080 bytes) A Russian built TE14 having just been re-engined and rebuilt by GE. Now having a 12 cylinder FDL engine of about 3000 hp. One of 20 locos modified from 2003. GE photo.


twn-e216.jpg (28147 bytes) The first electrified section was the west trunk line, from northeast Keelung to southwest Kaohsiung, finished in 1978. E200's entered service from then. Two of this first order (E203+4) were lost at sea during shipment from the USA. They were replaced later. E216 shown here has auxiliary power supply for working air-conditioned trains. Forty Locos built in 1978, 80 and 91. Info from Shinkyo
tai-e310.jpg (84292 bytes) Thirty nine E300's were built during 1978-79, they are for general purpose use, and are not fitted with the necessary auxiliary equipment for working air-conditioned passenger trains. Like the E200's and E400's they are rated at 2800kW, and Co-Co wheel arrangement, 110km/h max speed.
twn-e409.jpg (39150 bytes) The eighteen E400 are very similar to the earlier E200 and E300's, built in 1980 and 1982. They can work air-conditioned trains, and have a higher gear-ratio for faster top speed (130km/h). The official Taiwan site.


rsr-4003.jpg (58784 bytes)

4003 is north of Hat Yai Junction on a local stopping train 456 from Yala to the east coast town of Na Khon Si Thammarat. A small Krupp B-B Hydraulic had worked to Hat Yai Junction, where the “Shovel Nose” took over for the run north on the main line towards to Bangkok. Fitted with twin Cummins engine, they make a quite loud interesting sound. Classified as UM12C, built 1963-66. Recording on Mark's Sounds.

rsr-4523.jpg (61854 bytes) 4523 C22-7I is seen on test in the USA, August 1995, coupled to ex ex BN B32-8 in dynamic brake mode for load tests. Note the Locos are both on different gauges, and compare size of Locos. Photo by Mark Hoppe, in X2200 magazine.
rsr-4551.jpg (53383 bytes)

4551 is at Hat Yai Junction, about to take over a busy northbound express for the long run north to Bangkok. Fitted with twin Cummins engine, and large exhaust silences, these are not particularly inspiring Locos. Classified as CM22-7i, built by GE in 1995.

tcd20002.jpg (46761 bytes) DE20002, one of the five U18C's built for TCDD in 157. Seen on Ankara shed in 1969. All Loco's are now withdrawn.
tcd21506.jpg (49461 bytes)

DE21506 at Karabük. Eleven of the original forty General Electric built U20C's remain in use, based at Catalağzi. (21501/4-6/1617/19/20/21/27/34). They are mostly used on freight duties, may see occasional use on local passenger, though doubtful as stock needs electric heating from DE24000's.

viet-908.jpg (23394 bytes)

BB-908, one of 23 U8B's built in 1963.